What is ‘Lists’?

The role of the Lists is to sign in fighters, organise fighting rounds, keep track of wins and loses and generally assist with the running of tournaments throughout the Kingdom.

The role is to ensure that tourneys run smoothly, and the List Officers work with the Field Heralds and Marshals to ensure that the requirements of the list field are kept.  They organise the order of fights in the tournament format and record the results of each round and the ultimate winners of each tourney.  They then report to their up line, the event steward, group marshal and/or the group seneschal.

As with all officers in the SCA, a Lists Officer must be a financial member to be eligible for the role.  Other than having a desire to do the job there are not other formal requirements.

If you would like to become a list keeper in your local group please contact your local lists officer or drop an email to lists@lochac.sca.org

Page last updated 4 Dec 2022


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