Tournament Winners


Tournament winners throughout the Kingdom of Lochac:



*Ynys Fawr 30th Anniversary Heavy Tourney: Victor was Wulfgar Jarnsida

*Tokal Token Rapier Changeover 2 July 2023: Victors were Master Dominic and Strategos Ariston

*Travelling Tournament (Hall), 24 June 2023: Victor in Heavy was Aonghus mac Griogair 

*Western Raids Rapier Tournament, Aneala on 4 June 2023: Victor was Zaven Zeytuntsi

*Red and White Baronial Tournaments, River Haven 13 May: Heavy Tournament Victor was Alaric of Bangor, and Fencing Tournament Victor was James Pond

*Travelling Tournament (Okewaite), 13 May 2023: Victor was Otto Sexburger

*Coronation/Politarchopolis Heavy Tournament, 6 May 2023: Victor was Felix Arnett von Danzig

*Coronation/Politarchopolis Rapier Iron Ring Tournament, 6 May 2023: Seumas mac Thorsyen passed the ring onto Matthijius van der Horst

*Aneala May Day Picnic, 30 April 2023: Heavy tournament Victor: Konrad Hildebrandt

*40 years of Music and Mayhem Tournaments, Yarraville on 29 April 2023: Everard Sefar was the Victor in Rapier and Hanbal al Barbari was the Victor in Armoured Combat

*Rowany Rapier Fighter Auction Tourney, 17 April 2023: 

*College Challenge, St Basil, 2 April 2023

*Chess Challenge, Clifton Hill on 25 March 2023: Rapier Victor was Leif Magnusson and Armoured Combat Victor Cormac Lenehan

*Royal Pas D’Armes, Innilgard on 20/3/23: No victor

*March Crown Rose Tournament, Aneala on 12 March 2023: Armoured and Rapier Combat

*March Crown Heavy Tournament/Aneala on 11 March 2023: HH Ratbot von Borg

*Politarchopolis Baronial Changeover Rapier Tournament on 4 March 2023: Victors were Sigvaldr Svithandi and Owain Cantor ap Hugh

*Politarchopolis Baronial Changeover Heavy Tournament on 4 March 2023: Victor was HM Thibault Nesti

*Aneala Valentine’s Day Tournament on 12 Feb 2023: Rapier Victor was Zaven Zeytuntsi and Armoured Combat Victor was Nathan Blacktower

*Stormhold Summer of Fun – The Tourneys To Choose the Champions of the Barony of Stormhold on 5 February 2023 – Rapier Victor was Everard Sefar, Armoured Combat Champion was Hanbal al Barbari

*Krae Glas – Summer Twilight Tourney Series #18, Part 3 – Love, Victor Airdin mac Dara

*Tournament of the Three Cups, Innilgard (Harry Bowey Reserve) on 22 January 2023: Victor was Ari Egillsdottir

*Barony of Stormhold – January Summer Tourney 1, (Summer of Fun) on 7 Jan 2023- Victor was Wolfram Flammenherz

*Midsummer Schembart Carnival Boffer Tournament, Aneala on 14 January 2023 – Victor was The spirit of fun and hilarity

*’Might of Achilles’ Rapier Tourney, Innilgard on 18 Dec 2022 – Victor was Kit Hackforth

*Summer Twilight Heavy Tourney, Krae Glas on 10 Dec 2022 – Rapier Victor was Jon Dai of the Lane, Tourney format combat archery – bridge challenge – Victor was Charles du Bois

*Rowany Yule on 10 Dec 2022 – Rapier Tournament Victor was Gomez de Crecy, Heavy Tournament Victor was Strategos Ariston, and Boffer Tournament Victor was Liam.

*Ironbeard Challenge,  Krae Glas & Stormhold- Combat Archery on 10 December 2022 – Victor was Charles du Bois

*Fields of Gold Politarchopolis : Rapier Tourneys Sol d’Or on 27 November 2022- Victor was
Gaspar Falk de Cantoria

*Fields of Gold Politarchopolis: Golden Field Tourney on 26 November 2022 – Victor was Felix Arnett von Danzig

*Fields of Gold Politarchopolis: Newcomers Tourney (Heavy Tourney) on 26 November 2022 – Victor was Janos Soldonar

*Fields of Gold Politarchopolis: Poll Arm Tourney on 26 November 2022: Victor was Otto Sexburger

*Fields of Gold Politarchopolis: Roses Tourney on 26 November 2022: Victor was Dominyk Wolfram

*Fields of Gold Politarchopolis: Holmgang Tourney on 25 November 2022: Victor was HRH Thibault Nesti

*Feast of St Ursula, Rowany on 12 November 2022 – Victor was Eilifr Lukasson

*Stormhold’s All Hallows Eve  Tournament on  31 October 2022 – Victor was Brennan Halfhand

* Baroness’ Heavy Fighter Auction Aneala, on 30 October 2022 – Victor was Nathan Blacktower


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