What is it? and Where do I send forms?

In Australia

The Kingdom Lists Officer (AU) is Mistress Fionn O’Mara. All Australian authorisations should be sent to her

Please note:  Authorisation Cards are sent out at the end of each month.   It is important that you keep a copy of your signed Authorisation Form until such times your card arrives in the mail.  If you do not receive your card during the month after your paperwork was submitted, please email again.   Please allow at least a week for your posted mail to reach its destination.  (Unfortunately, we have no control on how slowly Australia Post delivers, and delivery schedules have changed in many areas.)

Please do not use Facebook as your first point of communication regarding Authorisation Cards.

In New Zealand

Mistress Ginevra di Serafino Visconti is your Authorisations Deputy for New Zealand.  All NZ authorisations should be sent to her at

What is Authorisations – The Kingdom Authorisations Deputy is in charge of maintaining the authorisation Database for the kingdom. This database contains the names of all fighters who have demonstrated their ability to take part safely in their chosen activity. The Authorisations officer generally processes new authorisation forms at the end of each month, sending out new authorisation cards to those who need them. While Authorisations looks after the database, it is up to the Kingdom’s Marshals to determine who is worthy of being authorised and informing Authorisations of their decision. Links to the various authorisation forms and information on the processing of authorisations can be found here: Lochac Forms (

Last updated 4 Dec 2022

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