Processed Authorisations

Please be aware that due to seasonal posting and extreme weather, Australia Post deliveries may take longer than usual.

Authorisations processed in January 2023:

Alfar of Attica (re-send)

Jean-Christophe le Saussier (re-send)

Magnus Eirickson (replacement card)

Authorisations and updates processed in December 2022:

Ulfvidr Nattfari Hrafnarson

Jasper Scarlett

Guillaume d’Oze

Eckellen Nairwyn

Authorisations and updates processed in November 2022:

Cathann mac Setna ui Loinsigh

Aodan of Ashvale

Eilifr Lukasson

Zaven Zeytuntsi


Mildryth Thomaswyf

Vidarr Halftroll

Aelfred se Leof

Shinjo Takame

HM Jayne Hunter

Eamon Maclochlann

Micha of Adora

Hanbal al Barbari


Gotz von Hamelen

Konrad Hildebrandt

Bryce of St Florian

Marx Lamprecht

Authorisations and updates processed in October 2022:

Wolfgang Germanicus

Odette de la Rive

Cristin verch Rys

Sarah of Okewaite

Thomasina Coke

Connor of Rowany


Theodulfus Vindoclaudius Audax


Shinjo Takame


Titus Flavius Marcellus

Naran Baatuud

Eliza de Horsley

Emelye Ryder

Ranif Palleser

Jean-Christophe le Saussier

Alfar of Attica

Aelfred se Leof

Sorle Maknicoll

Stobold Koble

Anders of Adora

Gershom of Ravensdale

Luther von Sturmberg

Keridwen the Mouse

A big thank you to the Marshals who made these authorisations possible.

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